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Видеопроцессор NOVA STAR Vunit 3000

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The Vunit3000 intelligent central control server is a programmable central control system with a plug-in design. It can be controlled via phones, tablets, computers or professional control panels. This central control server integrates multiple channels of programmable serial communication, multiple programmable I/O channels, multiple programmable relay function modules, and multiple self-learning infrared control modules. The powerful self-learning function can effectively learn all infrared codes, making the remote control highly sensitive. Furthermore, it is equipped with a video card that can function as a small matrix with 4 inputs and 3 outputs. Additionally, the Vunit3000 supports independent audio output for enhanced user experience. The Vunit 3000 has complete functions and stable performance, providing an intelligent control experience. It is a winning choice for intelligent video conferences and multimedia conferences in exhibition centers, press conference rooms, monitoring and command centers, firefighting and more.