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Кодер JPEG2000 (для работы с медиа-плеером JMP 9600) EXTRON J2KENC-PRO, 79-550-02

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J2KENC & J2KENC-PRO JPEG2000 Encoder Software for JMP 9600 Media Players The J2KENC JPEG2000 Encoder Software allows users to prepare HD or 2K video and multichannel audio content for playback in Extron JMP 9600 media players. J2KENC software provides a basic set of encoding functionality and J2KENC PRO provides higher speed processing plus more editing and encoding tools. This software can be used in place of contracting outside production services to encode material. Both J2KENC and J2KENC-PRO operate on Microsoft® Windows® computing platforms and allow preparation of content for playback on the JMP 9600 without the need for external encoding services. The JPEG2000 Encoder software operates on most Microsoft® Windows® computing platforms. The JPEG2000 encoding software constructs visually lossless MXF wrapped DCP - Digital Cinema Package files. The DCP files include video, audio, and other associated data encoded to comply with the DCI - Digital Cinema Initiatives requirements for unencrypted content. The DCP files that are generated by the JPEG2000 Encoder software are transferred to the JMP 9600 for playback across a LAN connection using FTP - File Transfer Protocol. ПАРАМЕТРЫ - Encode visually lossless, high bit rate, HD or 2K video and multi-channel audio for playback on JMP 9600 units - Prepare content for one or two channel playback, locked or independent - Encode content for synchronized, multi-screen playback or 3D Stereo projection on one or multiple JMP 9600 units - Encode 8, 10, or 12 bit depth video and 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 color sampling - Import sequential BMP, DPX, PNG, TGA, and TIFF video file formats from video editing systems - Advanced editing features including: text overlay, timecode stamp, image cropping, letterbox, and letterbox positioning within the output frame - Batch encoding - Multi-thread processing and parallel, server farm encoding for increased encoding speed - Up to 16 channels of uncompressed 24-bit audio